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The Journey into Egypt Tarot
by Julie Cuccia-Watts

Julie Cuccia-Watts the creator of three beloved multicultural tarot decks: The Ancestral Path Tarot (1996 US Games Systems Inc.), The Blue Moon Tarot (1998), The Maat Tarot (2006) has produced her fourth tarot deck. The new Journey into Egypt Tarot builds on the knowledge of MAAT Tarot  and taps into the ideas behind the precession of the equinox and using real sky astrology. Discover the similarities between the ancient Egyptian calendar and modern astrology. This is tarot like you have never seen it before. After two trips to Egypt in 2007 and 2009 Julie shares what she learned and felt while staying in Egypt via her medium of choice the tarot. Utilizing myth, history, concepts of dream archeology and shamanic journey-work she creates a very special tarot tool.Take a Journey into Egypt using the exquisitely hand crafted work of a seasoned tarot artist. Read the real life stories behind the suits.  Expect to be surprised by mysteries that have been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.

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