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Clearing your Path
by Pamela Steele


What am I being shown?
Core card

Description of the event, person, or issue that you are facing now. Helping you understand and name what is in front of you.

What is the core motivation?
Support for card 1

What drives this. Why the person or situation feels the need to involve you in the current drama.

Why do I need this?
Support for card 1

What Soul's purpose is in your participation. What you gain.

What am I feeling?
The emotion behind the belief.

Identifies the core belief behind the feeling involved.

How do I respond?

Your best course of action/non-action. Either vocal or active.

How do I resolve this?
Next step

How to diffuse the situation or remove the trigger.

Where do I go from here?
Moving forward

What steps are suggested to release the event/person/situation and continue your Journey.

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