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Basic Prediction Spread
by Maya Heath/Pamela Steele

In the basic Prediction Spread the positions are defined by groups of three cards each. These cards are read together as pertains to the position in which they appear.



The Seeker's Environment:
These are the conditions and surrounding influences present in the Seeker's life

The Elements of the Question:
These cards define the nature of the question - the 'who' or 'what'

Conditions and challenges that must be addressed by the seeker to obtain his/her goal.

What will come unbidden:
These are the forces which work for or against the seeker. If negative it may be wise to reconsider the goal.

The Outcome:
These cards represent the best that can be achieved if nothing changes in the Seeker's Life. If less than favourable, review the cards to see where adjustments can be made to improve the outcome.

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