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Relationship Guidance & Answers
by MoonBear

This spread sheds light on any type of relationship (be it your relationship with The Divine, a friend, a family member, person at work, or lover) and whether it is in alignment with our soul's purpose. 



Creator in Relationship/ Me/ My Subconscious
What hidden issue prompted me to do a reading for this relationship?

Does this relationship support my independence as an individual?

Is this relationship based on respect, understanding, give and take, and unconditional love?

Does this relationship allow me to truthfully express who I choose to be in this life?

Foundation, Stability, Support, and Security
Does this relationship provide the above, so that I may grow to my fullest potential?

Does this relationship allow me the above, to consistently move towards the person I yearn to become?

Does this relationship provide my soul with the above feelings the majority of the time?

Does this relationship support & nurture my most hidden aspirations/desires?

Does this relationship push me beyond my comfort level, in a positive, progressive way?

Do other people benefit from this union?

Time spent on this relationship, will most likely produce the following results...

Co-Creator in This Relationship
What is at the root of 'their' involvement with me?

Most Likely Outcome(Considering all of the above)
If I choose to put more time & effort into this relationship? Does the Universe, and All The Powers That Be, support me in this relationship?

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