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The Memories, Dreams, Reflections Spread
by 2008 J. Jordan Hoggard Design

A five card spread to enhance your feeling-sense in context, enhancing your sense of the things around, with, and within you.  A great and quick spread for invigorating and driving your inner essence.  Enjoy!



Placement, Present

Where you are now. Visualize cards 2, 3, 4, and 5 as being on your circle. Card 1 is the center of your circle.

Past Horizons

How do your experiences color your present?

Memories Fueling Momentum

How agile is your support?

Spirit & Passion & Inspiration

Expressing your cosmic groove. . . Are your actions expressing this?

Future Horizons
The Direction Your Momentum Is Taking You

Where your feelings and actions are taking you consciously with life-ful flow. To tailor this, feel for a different perspecive from your experiences, dreams, and foundation.

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