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The Journey Spread
by Pamela Steele

A project or relationship can be very much like taking a trip. You should know where you are and where you want to go. To get from one point to another, you will need to know what to pack and what to expect in order to chart your path safely as to arrive at your destination in one piece. Most importantly you want to know if the path you have chosen will actually get you to where you are choosing to go.



Is rather like finding your exact location on a map. This first position tells you about your attitude, your health in general and your attitude regarding your goal.

Resources-Strengths-Past-'What you have'
This position can describe either your past or your resources. In general it can be defined as what you bring with you to begin your quest.

What You Need
This can be just as important as what you have by examining what is missing. This position addresses your weaknesses or the flaws in your plan.

What Will Come Unbidden
Whether as help or hindrance, information or unknown individual, this position informs the Seeker of potential surprises and unknown forces.

What Is Hidden
Forces or actions of individuals that are not visible or obvious.

Help or Insight This benevolent force
This benevolent force can come from outside you in the form of a person or an impersonal force. It can also come from within you as an inspiration, intuition or insight or a previously untapped reserve of inner strength or determination.

What challenges you will face. This can be a genuine conscious negative force or person and/or forces of Nature and accidents. These are either the everyday gremlins that carry out Murphy's Law or your own inner weakness.

Where this part of your journey will take you.

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