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The Book of Houses Spread
by Ruth Ann Amberstone
The Book of Houses is a pro-active spread and offers you positive, constructive suggestions for a successful course of action. Cards that come up reversed are meant to focus your attention on the issues of that position and should be regarded as having special emphasis or importance.


House #1: Your appearance and apparent disposition
The best way to come across to others; how to dress, etc.

House #2: Money, possessions, values
How your attitude toward these things come into play. Also your level of self-worth

House #3: Communication, short journeys, siblings
How to best communicate with others in order to get the most favorable results.

House #4: Home, roots, one parent
The conditions of your home base; How to strengthen that position.

House #5: Romance, children, creativity
The best way to utilize your creativity in manifesting what you want.

House #6: Work and health
How to use contacts made through work and how to take care of yourself at this time.

House #7: Marriage and other partnerships
How your spouse, family, friends and/or business associates can help you achieve your goal.

House #8: Sex, death, regeneration, other people's money
How can you energize yourself? Let go of? What needs an overhaul? How can you help others financially?

House #9: Higher education, long journeys, religion, philosophy
What do you need to learn? To go? How can your spiritualiy and/or philosophy of life support you?

House #10: Career, status, reputation, the other parent
Your resume and life experience. What should you draw upon/accentuate? How a parent can help.

House #11: Friends, groups, aspirations
Your personal contacts. How to best envision your goal.

House #12:Seclusion, secrets, the sub-conscious
What to do when you are alone. What not to reveal. How best to overcome your fears. How best to access your intuition.

Cards from the Book of Knowledge
They contain information of special significance and they should be interpreted in the light of the other cards

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