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Star of the Duat
by 2012 Constance Trilllich

Ancient Egyptians believed a glorified soul of the deceased would rise to heaven where it looked down upon us as a star. This layout represents your higher self as a 5 pointed star. It is said that every problem has within it a solution and that your higher self already knows what that solution is.



The issue stated

Focus on wording your question clearly before you begin. This card represents your cosmic head, where you think through your life. It is the key to all that follows.

How you got to where you are now

This card represents your cosmic left foot, the feminine intuitive nature of your path in life, and the background of your issue.

Wisdom from your Higher Self

Your higher self already knows what to do about this situation. It is represented by your cosmic right hand, the masculine active side. You are response-able and can follow through on your decision.

Short term outcome.

This card shows what will happen quickly (a month or less) if things do not change. It is your cosmic left hand, the feminine receptive side where you receive your karma. Once you make a choice, you may choose another card to see what difference will appear in your outcome.

Going down the road a bit.

This card shows what will happen 6 months or more into the future if you make no changes. This is your cosmic right foot, your masculine active step forward onto your path in life and eternity.

Extra Card
The Heart

If you would like to have a significator for your layout, you can place a 6th card in the center to represent your heart, the seat of your conscience. This will show you how are being affected by this issue.

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