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The Star of the Duat


The Issue

State clearly your question before drawing the first card. It is in the position of the head because the mind is often aware of things before the body is.

What led up to your issue?

This card represents the setting, factors which may still be present. It is in the cosmic left foot position, the feminine intuitive side of your nature.

From your higher self to resolve your issue.

Your higher self knows what to do about your situation and gives you advice here. It is the cosmic right hand, masculine active position. You are able to make your decision and follow it through.

Short term outcome.

This card shows what will happen in the near future (3 weeks or less). It is the cosmic left hand, the receptive feminine side, showing what will happen if things go unchanged.

Long term outcome

The more distant future (6 months or more). The cosmic right foot, the active masculine principle, shows where you are going on your path if things remain unchanged.

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