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Karmic Insight Spread by Christine Jette
by added by Pamela Steele

Examine where blocks and challenges have been a repeating pattern both now and then. Use the knowledge to end cycles and continue the journey



What you know and keep repeating from other lifetimes. This is your basic approach to all lives, your outlook.
For example, are you emotional, rational, sensitive, creative, etc.? This card represents who you know yourself to be.

Blocks from past lives, challenges, Where have you stumbled in the past?
It points to areas in this life that continue to be problematic.

Strengths from past lives, the lessons learned well. What has made you strong though all lifetimes?
This card represents growth that you carry over to the present.

What are you here to learn this time? What are your current challenges or life lessons?
If you learn your lessons well, this card represents the wisdom you will gain. Think of it as a card of great opportunity - no pain, no gain.

Blocks from this lifetime. Stuck places that never seem to change even though you have done a lot of spiritual work.
You may have strong, painful, fearful, or angry feelings attached to this card. If so, respect the work and know that you are doing the best you can. Consider, too, that you are exactly where you need to be for your soul's development. Stop the reading if you are too uncomfortable, or seek professional advice. You do not have to do this alone.

Connecting present-life issues to past-life experience. How is the block in this lifetime related to those in other lifetimes? What purpose does it serve?
Look for a relationship between this card and Card 2, blocks from past lives. Taken together, what story do they tell?

Action to take for healing and soul development.
What would happen if you did this? How would you feel? This action may not be appropriate if you are not ready. Seek outside advice if you need it.

The lessons learned and wisdom gained.
Your strengths and what you need for the fullest expression of your soul's development through all lifetimes.

Your future direction and where you go from here, the next step on your journey. This card represents your past, present, and future. It gives you a glimpse of the bigger picture against an eternal backdrop. What is the ongoing theme of all your lifetimes? How are they related? Can you now sense an overriding purpose or meaning to your life? If so, what is it?

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