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Using Developing Friendship and Rainbow Bridge Tarot


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The Meeting   [ edit ]

How you first met this person. How the relationship is.

DESIRE   (Reversed)

You have become far too resigned to never getting what you desire or truly want.  You are dangerously close to becoming an angry and disappointed person, a scrooge of the heart.  Stop it right now, and re-connect to your true, and sacred,  desires.

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The Desire   [ edit ]

What you want the relationship to be

THE GODDESS: The Empress

The Goddess, which in traditional Tarot was called the Empress, is here shown as the Great Mother.  She is portrayed in religion, mythology and many spiritual traditions in many, many ways - in the west, she has often been identified as the Triple Goddess, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, which also relates to the cycles of life of Gaia, our Mother Earth.  Within the history of patriarchal religions, in which deity is considered male 'God the Father',  the Goddess has been denigrated or denied, thus creating a long his-story of suppression and denial of the Feminine Face of the Divine.  The Goddess is also about what Carl Jung called 'the Anima', the feminine aspect of each human being, whether you are female or male.  Celebrate the Goddess within yourself!  She is working with you, changing.

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The Future   [ edit ]

What the relationship will develop into


Here a winged figure is restrained by an enclosure of some kind.  She cannot fly and must accept the galling limitations of her circumstance, as painful as they are for a winged creature who longs for freedom and light.  Sometime we must accept limitations.  They may be unfair, and are always frustrating if not maddening;  at such times it's vital to find internal balance, to know what future goals you have to sustain you, and most of all, to remember that you have, nevertheless, wings to fly with eventually.

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