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Your Problem   [ edit ]


PATRONAGES:  He is invoked against snakes, and by people with a fear of snakes. He is also patron of engineers, excluded people and snakebites.

You may need to escape from bad situations, fears or phobias.  Counselling or professional guidance may be required.  If this card comes up, you need to remember that sometimes the answers come differently from how you think they should be.

Traditional Tarot Equivalent: The Hierophant
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The Obstacle or Challenge   [ edit ]


PATRONAGES:  He is invoked by gardeners, horticulturists and taxi drivers.  He is also invoked against hemorrhoids, tumors and by sufferers of venereal diseases.

Acquiring or working the land, buying, or selling property is what this card can signify.  You may need to get more grounded literally and or spiritually.  Get in touch with the earth.  Get your hands dirty; plant.  Maybe you just need to dig a hole and put something back into the earth.  You may also be someone who needs to spend time out of doors.  A health situation may lighten up.  If this card comes up with Brigid, you might be a natural at sending healing energies through your hands.
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The Advice you Seek   [ edit ]


PATRONAGES:  He is the patron of sailors, seasickness, and intestinal or stomach disorders.

You may be moving out, moving on, moving ahead, but it might still feel like you're moving nowhere. Messages are coming in; listen to them; there may be a warning ahead.  This card also brings in lots of spirits who have passed on, if you are so connected.  It is a good card to use in mediumship work.  They come in especially well when in combination with Gerard, Gertrude, Cecelia and other saints who were better known for their connections with the dead.  This is a protection card providing light to carry you where you need to go. It can represent electrical problems or bad weather.

Traditional Tarot Equivalent:  The Chariot
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The Saint Deck © 2000 Ann Trump and Karen Prioletti.  All rights reserved
Spread 'Annikin Advice' by 2009 Ann Murkett

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