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The Situation   [ edit ]

4 Material

Description: Ebenezer Scrooge counts every last coin as carolers sing outside his window. Secret: A scarcity mindset perpetuates loss.  Keywords: Hoarding; Saving; Scarcity Mindset; Taxes; Miserly Tendencies; Cash Only; Never Enough; Greed; Budgeting; Paying Bills; Payment Plan; Scheduling; Working While Everyone Else is Playing; Banking; Cutting Back; Tightening the Belt; Withholding; Money-Saving Efforts; Clipping Coupons; Misanthrope.

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Nurturer - Mental

Description: Hulda—also known as Mother Holle, Frau Holle and Hulde—is a Northern European weather goddess with power over storms. Legend says that when she shakes her feather bed, it snows upon the earth, and when she does laundry, the rinse water forms rain. Often accompanied by an entourage of rabbits, Hulda is also credited with introducing flax to Europe and teaching the art of linen making. According The Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes, Hulda retains dominion over Pagan babies. In fact, “Vestiges of rituals invoking Hulda’s blessings on baby girls were retained by Ashkenazi Jews (the Hollekreisch), whether because Pagan women found discreet safety in that community rather than convert to Christianity or because Jews perceived Hulda’s resemblance to Lilith.' Illes goes on to say that Hulda is a 'proud and resolutely Pagan spirit with little patience for hypocrites.'  The Brothers Grimm wrote about this goddess in the story Mother Holle, where young girls wander into her domain. Illes notes, 'She rewards the girl who respects her and follows her commands with effort and devotion but causes excrement to rain down upon the lazy, disrespectful girl.'  The Milky Way is the street Hulda travels, and the realms she governs includes sky, mountains, underground and wells. Her sacred animals are wolves and rabbits, while her sacred plants are holly, elder, juniper, mugwort, flax and Sorcerer’s Violet (Vinca major), sometimes known as Frau Holle. The Winter Solstice is Hulda’s feast day, and the twelve days between December 25 and January 6 are sacred to her. Colors associated with Hulda include white and blue. Secret: Reviewing in the early stages prevents mistakes later on.  Keywords: Intelligence; Grandmother; Weaving; Spinning; Reviewing; Widowhood; Correction; Chastisement; Exacting Mentor; 'Tough Love'; Winter Solstice; Quilting; Spinster; Culture; The Arts; Artistry; Pride; Abhorring Hypocrisy; Diligence.

  [ edit ]

4 Mental

Description: A man sits on a bucket ice fishing as nighttime approaches. Just as three other men leave to go home, a fish approaches the bait. Secret: Calm focus prepares for activity.  Keywords: Repose; Quietude; Calm; Contemplation; Stillness; Waiting; Recuperation; Recreation; Free of Mental Stress; Retirement; Meditation.

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The Action or Advice to Take   [ edit ]

The Carousel

Description: The animals on a magical Snowland carousel come to life—an arctic fox, polar bear, reindeer, snowshoe rabbit and a Japanese snow monkey. A snowball bounces around the roulette-like floor, while symbols of comedy/drama, dice and cards adorn the central fixture. Secret: Fairness is but one setting on the Wheel…and never a guarantee. Keywords: Vicissitude; Luck; Ups and Downs; You Win Some, You Lose Some; It Rains on the Just and the Unjust; Roller Coaster of Life; Gambling; Roll of the Dice; Playing the Cards Life Deals You; Randomness.

  [ edit ]


Description: A skater leads an enormous polar bear onto the ice, with nothing more than a ribbon connecting them. A figure 8 is etched into the lake surface. Secret: Courage lends itself to individuation. Keywords: Finesse; Self-Control; Poise; Balance; Confidence; Courage; Grace; Mindfulness; Diplomacy; Awareness of Surroundings.

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The Outcome   [ edit ]

Quester - Emoting

Description: In the story 'The Snowman' by Hans Christian Andersen, a wise, old dog tells a snowman why he’s chained outside. One day, as the dog was eating a bone, the child of the house took it from him. 'A bone for a bone', he figured, and bit the child’s leg. From then on, he was chained outside. The dog told the snowman about the warm stove, remembering how lovely it was to crawl under when it was cold outside. He urged the snowman to see for himself 'you’ll be able to see it from where you stand', and the snowman began to suffer from 'stove yearning'. He gazed at her through the window—he concluded she must be a female—and exclaimed, 'It's more than I can bear! See how beautiful she is when she sticks out her tongue!' It became warmer and the snowman became smaller, but he didn’t utter a complaint (Andersen notes this was a 'telling sign', implying that his unrequited love caused hopeless resignation). One morning, the snowman fell apart, and his head rolled away. The dog noticed a poker sticking out the top. 'It was what the boys had used to help hold the snowman together and make him stand upright. ‘Now I understand why he longed for the stove', said the old watchdog. 'the old poker he had inside him. No wonder.' The implication being that the stove tool inside the snowman caused him to yearn for the stove. As is the case with many Andersen stories, 'The Snowman' ends on a sad note. The snowman melts away, little girls sing a song celebrating Spring 'And no one thought about the snowman.' (From Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories, translated from the Danish by Erik Christian Haugaard). Secret: If you can’t have what you want, then want what you have.Keywords: Infatuation; Adoration; Unrequited Love; Fervency; Ardent Affection; Yearning; Admiring from a Distance; Knight in Shining Armor; Romanticism; 'Puppy Love'.

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Snowland Deck © Ron and Janet Boyer. All rights reserved. Further reproduction prohibited.

Spread 'Pyramid' by Unknown

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