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Using Pyramid and Snowland Deck


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The Situation   [ edit ]

Youth - Material

Description: A tiny Tomten (also known as Tompte, Tomte or Tomtra) distributes hay for a cow in a farmer’s barn as a steaming bowl of porridge with butter sits on a bale. Similar to the brownies of Scotland, Tomten (derived from the word tomtgubbe, meaning 'Old Man of the House') are small gnome-like creatures that take care of livestock and barns while everyone’s asleep. Tomten appreciate tidy houses, and are irritated by laziness, unkempt homes and loud noises. To keep Tomten happy and show appreciation, as well as to ensure a prosperous home, farmers provide a hot bowl of porridge with a large pat of butter in the bottom. At Christmas, farmers offer the Tomten a small piece of gray cloth, tobacco and a shovelful of clay. In Sweden, these creatures are known as Jultomten, helpers of Santa Claus (and the likely origin of the Christmas elves mythos). In Denmark, they are known as Nisse, while in Norway, they are called Julenisse. Secret: Tackling chores as they arise creates the habit of completion.  Keywords: Traditionalist; Housekeeping; Farmer; Laborer; Dutiful; Seeking Reward; Livestock Caretaker; Expecting Recognition; Having a Way with Animals; Chores.

  [ edit ]

Director - Emoting

Description: Father Christmas comes bearing baskets full of handmade toys, as well as a freshly cut pine tree. Father Christmas is the English name for the legendary figure known as Pere Noel, Julenisse, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus. Secret: Provision for games and diversions pays great dividends during lean times. Keywords: Good Deeds; Giving Gifts; Father Figure; Grandfather; Kindly Uncle; Benefactor; Patron; Blessings; Patriarch.

  [ edit ]

7 Material

Description: A frost fairy in a peach orchard is worried about the icy conditions that could ruin the crop. A gas fire burns on the ground as the farmer attempts to thaw the peach trees. Secret: Taking stock early on makes for less work later.  Keywords: Protecting an Investment; Insurance; Weather Hazards; Taking Stock; Salvaging; Prioritizing; Assessment; Pruning.

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The Action or Advice to Take   [ edit ]


Description: As the temperature warms, a snowman melts on a rock—but his spirit winks from the clouds, an assurance that he’s only changed form. A bluejay flies above the pond, about to eat a bug, while a moose stands in the water drinking. Secret: Once the rumbles of transformation settle, balance is restored. Keywords: Transformation; Irrevocable Change; Circle of Life; Passing Away; Saying Goodbye; Ending Something; Allowing Something to Die; Becoming New.

  [ edit ]

Mother Nature

Description: Mother Nature—clad in a garment of flowers, leaves, insects, feathers, moss, vines, sky and snowflakes—stands besides a tree, feeding a chickadee with a full cornucopia basket of seed. Her clothing begins with a Spring crown of buds, a Summer floral bodice, Autumnal waist and Wintry skirt, representing the four seasons. A white snowshoe bunny, symbolizing fertility, sits beside her. A pinecone hangs nearby. Secret: Abundance benefits from boundaries. Keywords: Nature’s Bounty; Abundance; Fertility; Gaia; Goddess Energy; Supplying; Seasonal Cycles; Reproduction; Feminine Beauty; Planting; Cultivating; Gardening.

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The Outcome   [ edit ]

Director - Material

Description: After his haunting, an enlightened Ebenezer Scrooge tosses down money to a boy so he may order and deliver a goose to the Crachit family on Christmas Day. Secret: How are profits and losses measured in the business of humanity?  Keywords: Businessman; Captain of Industry; Mogul; Accounting; Banks; Enterprise; Distributing Money; Using Wealth to Help Others; Angel Investing; Business; Entrepreneurship; Sole Proprietorship; Funding.

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Snowland Deck © Ron and Janet Boyer. All rights reserved. Further reproduction prohibited.

Spread 'Pyramid' by Unknown

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