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Using Pyramid and Snowland Deck


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The Situation   [ edit ]

Mother Nature

Description: Mother Nature—clad in a garment of flowers, leaves, insects, feathers, moss, vines, sky and snowflakes—stands besides a tree, feeding a chickadee with a full cornucopia basket of seed. Her clothing begins with a Spring crown of buds, a Summer floral bodice, Autumnal waist and Wintry skirt, representing the four seasons. A white snowshoe bunny, symbolizing fertility, sits beside her. A pinecone hangs nearby. Secret: Abundance benefits from boundaries. Keywords: Nature’s Bounty; Abundance; Fertility; Gaia; Goddess Energy; Supplying; Seasonal Cycles; Reproduction; Feminine Beauty; Planting; Cultivating; Gardening.

  [ edit ]

3 Energy

Description: A bass player sings at the North Pole as an amplifier broadcasts the sound. Hundreds of bottles wash upon the shore, some bearing messages. Secret: Do it because you love it, not because you expect attention or applause. Keywords: Waiting for Your Ship to Come In; Expanding Influence; Publicity; Feedback; Going Indie; Free Agent; Operating Under Your Own Power; Trade and Commerce; Do Your Own Thing; Networking; YouTube; Crowdsourcing; 'Dancing Like No One's Looking'; Amplification; Social Media; Kickstarter, IndieGoGo; Creativity for Creativity’s Sake; Promotion.

  [ edit ]

9 Emoting

Description: A youth samples many cookies. On the cookie jar is a family of snowpeople, and the snowchild wishes upon a shooting star. Secret: Food is not a substitute for human connection.  Keywords: Indulgence; Too Much of a Good Thing; Getting What You Think You Want; Eat, Drink and Be Merry; Desiring Satisfaction; Epicure; Foodie; Craving Fullness; Plenty; Sugar Rush; Dessert Before Dinner; Empty Calories.

  [ edit ]

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The Action or Advice to Take   [ edit ]

8 Mental

Description: A snowman marionette sits with scissors clasped in his hands as a maquette opens a window. A little girl marionette has already snipped her way free, and encourages the snowman to follow. Secret: A rut is a grave with the sides knocked out.  Keywords: Stay or Go; Fear of Change; Set in Your Ways; Choosing the Familiar; Playing It Safe; Blue Pill or Red Pill; Self-Doubt; Plotting Escape; Stuck in a Rut; Preferring the 'Devil You Know to the One You Don't'; Imprisoned.

  [ edit ]

8 Energy

Description: Buffalo Bill Cody delivers mail for the Pony Express. Secret: Hurrying may lead to delays at best and disaster at worst.  Keywords: High Speed Messages; Urgency; Transfer; Delivery; Mail; Transmission; Texting; Phone Calls; Expecting Word; Messenger; Swift Communication; Conveying Information; Courier; Information Highway; Roads; Traffic; Steering; Behind the Wheel.

  [ edit ]

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The Outcome   [ edit ]

5 Energy

Description: In Japan, a young boy and his friends engage in a lively snowball fight as a dormant volcano steams behind them. Secret: Participation in high-spirited fun sometimes leads to unexpected victories.  Keywords: Exuberant Play; Unstable Alliances; Roughhousing; Shift of Power; Horseplay; Blowing Off Steam; Outdoor Exercise; Head's Up!; High-Spirited; 'It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye'; Look Out!; Teasing; Gaming; Team Sports; Coming to a Boil.

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Snowland Deck © Ron and Janet Boyer. All rights reserved. Further reproduction prohibited.

Spread 'Pyramid' by Unknown

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