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Using Pyramid and Snowland Deck


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The Situation   [ edit ]

6 Material

Description: A bell ringer takes donations for charity during the Christmas season. A poor man wearing a tattered glove freely offers his last coin, while an affluent woman with a pristine glove gingerly deposits a penny. Secret: Giving without expectations erases the need to keep score.  Keywords: Widow's Mite; Sacrifice; Charity; Volunteerism; Giving; Donation; Salvation Army; Goodwill; See a Need, Fill a Need; Buying on Credit; 'Robbing Peter to Pay Paul'; Alleviating Suffering; Distribution; Financial Aid; Scholarships; Non-Profit Organization; Welfare; Public Assistance.

  [ edit ]

3 Emoting

Description: Three Japanese snow monkeys relax in the hot springs as a penguin serves drinks. Secret: Cliques and chicks can prevent beneficial solitary pursuits. Keywords: Hanging Out; Gossip; Socializing; 'Just Friends'; Cliques; Tailgating; Girls Night Out; Boys Night Out; Drinking; Bars; Social Events.

  [ edit ]

10 Material

Description: A nod to the Brady Bunch opening sequence, this image shows various figures from the deck—all a part of the Snowland Family. (Caveman from 3 Material; Woman from 5 Emoting; Boy from 5 Energy; Tibetan Woman from 10 Energy; Snowflake Bentley from Nurturer – Material; Wolf from 3 Mental; Snow Monkeys from 3 Emoting; Evvie the Frost Fairy from 7 Material; Snowman with Carrot Mohawk from 9 Mental). Secret: Your future isn't defined by your lineage or the past. Keywords: Extended Family; Generational Ties; Ancestors; Legacy; Inheritance; Family Reunion; Genealogical Research; Tribal Associations; DNA; Congenital; Heritage; Customs; Genetics.

  [ edit ]

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The Action or Advice to Take   [ edit ]

2 Emoting

Description: In front of a cozy, blazing fireplace, two mugs sit on a table. One mug contains hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows, and the other contains coffee. The snowpeople on the mugs come to life, extending beyond the surface to click their own cups with 'cheers'; Secret: Better to have deep love with one than shallow ties with many.  Keywords: – Intimacy; Deep Connection; Close Bond; Soulmates; Mutual Admiration; Reciprocity.

  [ edit ]


Description: A skier soars off a ramp, flipping upside down. A green ('go') X ('stop') design is on his jacket. Snowy pine trees surround his descent, as mountains loom in the background. The hint of a golden halo shines behind him. Secret: Reality upends less when practicing non-attachment. Keywords: Suspension; Hung Up; New Perspective; Upend; Pause; Standstill; Moratorium; Halt; No Progress; Holding Pattern.

  [ edit ]

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The Outcome   [ edit ]


Description: Two puppies sit upon hay, chained to a cinder block. A goat sits on top of the block eating hay with a rope tied around its neck. Snow has just fallen off the shed roof, and an icicle impales a mound covering a red arm. Secret: Chains explode when illumination dawns. Keywords: Confinement; Enslavement; Trapped; Misplaced Values; Oppression; Consumerism; One-Sided; Co-Dependent; Neglect; Held Back; Habits; Addiction; Confronting Your 'Demons'; Materialism.

  [ edit ]

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Snowland Deck © Ron and Janet Boyer. All rights reserved. Further reproduction prohibited.

Spread 'Pyramid' by Unknown

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