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Using Know Your Enemy and Energetic Lenormand


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Who is my enemy   [ edit ]

The personal traits or appearance of your enemy.

23 - Mice

You may be being pestered by someone or a feeling that something is 'gnawing' at you like you should be doing something, but can't quite remember what. It may also imply a nuisance or minor irritation such as the theft or loss of some small item which may be of particular value to you.

  [ edit ]

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Why is this person my enemy?   [ edit ]

The motivation behind that person.

9 - Flowers

Celebration of happy events, and with it an expression of love, joy, happiness and perfection.

  [ edit ]

27 - Letter

You may be receiving a letter which will offer a new opportunity or even guidance on a matter pertaining to your current situation. It may mean you are waiting or hoping for a letter to arrive from someone.

  [ edit ]

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What has this person done to me?   [ edit ]

Past issues, known or unknown, caused by this person.

17 - Egg

This may mean birth of an idea or a new start. it is also concerned with motherly love, happiness, prosperity, your wish and the fulfillment it brings.

  [ edit ]

19 - Tower

You may have high hopes and aspirations, but may feel isolated for the moment. There may be restraint, limitation, and the feeling of imprisonment or disappointment.

  [ edit ]

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Future action   [ edit ]

What future action will this person do that will negatively affect me?

12 - Owls

It may mean a short jorney and also rising above negativity. The Owls represent wisdom, insight and thoughtfulness and the ability to have clarity of vision for even the smallest tasks and have a fuller understanding of the situation as a whole. You may be coming out from a time of darkness.

  [ edit ]

13 - Child

It means either your own child/children or a childlike state as an aspect of yourself. There may be something you need to redress.

  [ edit ]

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Resolution   [ edit ]

How can I best deal with this person?

29 - Woman

If a woman, this may represent your own aspects of womanhood, or if a man the caring, nurturing and loving side of your nature.


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Energetic Lenormand © 2009 Langustl /
Text meanings © 2009 Ann Murkett
Spread 'Know Your Enemy' by moontoadie

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