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Using Annikin Lost Love and Healing Cards - The Conspiracy Deck



Me   [ edit ]

41. The Sex Conspiracy

In the Sex Conspiracy, which can take many different forms, we are using sex to hold us back.  We may have repressed or exaggerated sex in some way, so that it is blocking the energy or focus necessary to complete our purpose.  Somehow whether sex is repressed or overly prominent in your life, you have exaggerated its importance.  You may be choosing inappropriate partners, falling for temptations, or being indulgent or obsessive about sex.  You may be using sex as a form of
sacrifice and self-attack, misusing the life-energy and power, which could be used for love. It is time to let go of all the Sex, and related, Conspiracies you have and regain this vital life energy to use in its appropriate manner.

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My Lost Love   [ edit ]

12. The Constellation of Shattered Dreams

A Constellation of Shattered Dreams can be a chronic problem that leads to despair.  It is like having a black horizon with a dark cloud hanging over us.  You can console yourself with the size of the gift or gifts it must be hiding, and the giant stride you would take toward your purpose by removing such an albatross from around your
neck.  As you heal you have the opportunity to rebuild your life and take a giant step forward.

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Will we Ever Reunite?   [ edit ]

62. Humor

Humor is a gift that puts the world and all its pain in perspective. Humor builds bridges and makes friends. You have found a way of delighting yourself and others. Humor is one of the gifts that makes you happy and feel like life is worth living.  It is also a gift that can carry us through the direst situations.  Where conspiracies have created blockages, humor can re-establish the flow.

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Healing Cards - The Conspiracy Deck © 2005 AGM AGMüller, Urania, Switzerland.  Illustrations reproduced by permission of the company.   Further reproduction prohibited
Text © 2004 Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D
Spread 'Annikin Lost Love' by 2009 Ann Murkett

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