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Using My Lover and Cosmo Meditations Tarot


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As I am now   [ edit ]

13 Ego Death

Ego death brings a release of the mind and consciousness from the limitations of the body.  Individual identity is lost as one merges into the mainstream of the collective unconscious.  The image is of dissolving, ghostly figures looking out into space, beyond the limits of time and physical, material definitions.  A tremendous release of energy comes with this powerful transformation.  It opens the doors to healing, purification, and regeneration.  With love as a foundation, fear disappears.  Crosses in the distance are remnants of the structures of the past.  Having served their purpose they too are fading away.

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As my Lover is Now   [ edit ]

14 Temperance

Mists and visions rise up from the deep ocean of the unconscious as it is activated by the heat and light of the Sun, high above.  Fire and water are opposites.  As creative  spirit (fire) and emotional sensitivity (water) their interaction generates mystic sensitivity and the desire to drink of the waters of universal life.  Not yet, the peak of realization, this is the motivation to reach for the heights and there may well be uncertainty and confusion on the way  Dreams and fantasies reach for new transcendent realities, bring creative inspiration, openness and selflessness.

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How my Lover feels about Me   [ edit ]

17 Illumination

The sky is filled with brilliant, fiery stars.  An angelic creature flies free, reaching the heights of individual spiritual and intellectual potential.  It's wings are like cascading waves, breaking  at the edge of the cosmic ocean, harmonic patterns are reflected in the water below.  The heart of this being of light is a galactic spiral, an inner wave, a flowing cosmic river of life.  The arrow above his head is the uplifting power of a centered and balanced will.

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How my Lover thinks about Me   [ edit ]

18 The Threshold

Cosmic webs surround a crescent moon.  These cocoon like threads are residues of past involvements and emotional attachments.  A spiraling shell reaches deep into the cosmic past   It is the source of a turbulent waterfall, releasing all memories, cellular consciousness, akashic records.  This is the threshold of cosmic consciousness it is a time to both recognize and let go of all resistance and attachment.

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What my Lover Keeps from Me   [ edit ]

1 The Magician

Creative power flows out from the dark circle of the infinite.  A cosmos is forming through the interaction of the four elements.  In the center is a fiery sun.  Violet dust clouds around it represent the earth element, forming the body of the magician as a great, cosmic bird.  He is surrounded and nurtured by realms of air and water.  Other stars and worlds can be seen, all are contained within a purple-blue cone shaped space, the visible universe.  Outside this, in the realm of the infinite, are golden rays of cosmic will, pure mind creating the universe.

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What my Lover Reveals to Me   [ edit ]

10 The Wheel

This vision of the Wheel of life and karma is set before the sea.  It looks like the steering wheel of a ship, aligned with the horizon.  The center is a spiraling galaxy, generating stars and plants as it turns.  The passage of time is suggested by strings of planets flying out, they are seen both in the sky  above and reflected in the sea below. Transparent faces riding rainbow rivers of light are looking down toward a juggler, plants are being tossed into and out of the wheel as she plays.

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What my Lover Wants from this Relationship   [ edit ]

2 The Goddess

Within the crescent Moon deeply immersed in dreams, a sensitive, delicate face is forming from opalescent, iridescent clouds. As moonlight is reflected on the water below, waves cross waves, creating intricate, interwoven, patterns. This card represents the cosmic mother. It suggests emotional sensitivity, and an intuitive, receptive state of being. The Goddess is the wisdom of Nature. She deserves, reverence and total respect.

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How our Relationship will Evolve   [ edit ]

12 The unconscious

A tree with it's roots in the sky is symbolic of the uprooting and opening of the unconscious mind.  Patterns of unconscious behavior have their roots in past experiences and relationships.  Faces in the sky entwined with the roots of the tree are one's family and all those closely involved with one's personal emotional transformations. The tree, floating at the edge of the cosmic ocean is drawing the light of stars above into an open, receptive mind.  Hidden and forgotten experiences come to the surface.  Sensitivity and selflessness bring about a reversal of perceptions and a different view of reality.

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Cosmo Meditations Tarot © Carol Herzer 1987
Spread 'My Lover' by Moontoadie

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