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Does someone have a secret crush on me?   [ edit ]


Giving Too Much - Paranoid - Misuse of Energy - Manic - Indecisive - Altered States

You may be feeling a little lost due to overcast skies of indecision.
This is partnered with the fear that all is not as it should be.
Lightning demonstrates energy which is powerful, though short lived.
It suggests a misuse of energy.
Abrasive and static, any communication is usually hopeless.
When faced with Lightning, retreat carries much less risk of injury.

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How will they act around me?   [ edit ]


Hopes Long Unrealized - Infatuation - Manipulating Another - Desire - Wanting - Obsession

Fantasy can be longing to the point of obsession, over a heart's desire.
Long time hopes are unrealized now, and perhaps never to be gained.
In effort to achieve an end desire, Fantasy may employ manipulation or
Intense and shallow emotions can often drive this frenzied effort.
Fantasy employs desire to lead you along.
Your thoughts may be having trouble residing in reality, but you must keep

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What will they do about it?   [ edit ]


Repairs - Doctors - Detailed Projects - True Self - Strength Gained Through Struggle - Physical Labor

Give yourself over to hard physical labor.
Take time to attend to the details of each task.
Challenge may indicate incidents of compromised health and repairs.
This may be a good time to practice some preventative maintenance.
Witness your process from a place of strength and mental clarity.
Emerge - after struggle - stronger and clearer of mind.

  [ edit ]

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How will I know them?   [ edit ]


Waiting - Nervous & Intolerant - Rushing - Working Haphazardly - Timeless - Taking the Time - All Things in Their Time

Are you measuring your moments in Time That Flies?
Fits of nerves and impatience, sloppy work or poor planning may plague you
at this time.
Diligence about detail can help you rise above the stress of Time.
Immerse yourself in the moment, and the passage of Time becomes Timeless.
Allow ebb and flow to dance together.
Rise above the mundane, manufactured minutes and you will find timelessness.

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What should I do about it?   [ edit ]


Ridge Top Walker - Looking Back at the Past - Gathering Courage - Ways of Animals - Acceptance

An ambiance of acceptance accompanies Earth Son.
Accept your self, your life story and the  power you possess to create
your future.
A reservoir of courage becomes available to you.
You are aware of your deepest instincts.
You can now boldly act on the knowledge you possess of your own path.

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Romantic possibilities   [ edit ]


Longing - Attraction - Fundamental Desire - Turned on to Another - Alive - Waiting - Pouting

The sensual sentiments of longing and waiting are present in Yoni.
Becoming enamored with another can color and affect your thinking.
Enjoy this full and very much alive place.
You have the chance to be in love as you have imagined.
If overly distracted, focus on long held dreams and ideals.
Yoni is sure to stir up a fire. Handle with care.

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Spread 'Secret Crush' by Moontoadie

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