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Using The Wishing Well and AAH SEH NAI


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The Desire   [ edit ]

Your wish or your situation


Remember the 'game of life'
and respect the people around you,
no matter how they play.

Understand, remember, and forgive!

  [ edit ]

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The Positive   [ edit ]

What is good about it


We are with you,
even though you sometimes think
you are all alone
in a huge demanding experience.
We are here.

Feel us, centre yourself!

  [ edit ]

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The Negative   [ edit ]

What is bad about it


You always receive the exact tools you need
to be well equipped for each
of life's experiences.

Accept them gratefully!

  [ edit ]

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The Present   [ edit ]

The current influences around you.

Unconditional Love

... leads you to the direct way home.
Create 'heaven' in your daily life.

Come home!



  [ edit ]


There are only two energy forms
in human life: Love and Fear.
Everything that doesn't correspond to love
has its origin in fear.
The path to your wholeness
leads through the love for yourself.
That's the only way to face your
shadows (fears), in a lightful way.


  [ edit ]

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The Near Future   [ edit ]

What's coming within the next 6 weeks.


Put the guidance of your heart
before your intellect.
Your heart leads you directly
to the source of all wisdom.
This is true humility.

Be courageous!

  [ edit ]

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The Past   [ edit ]

What has happened before.


To be in silence
means to be free of activity,
thoughts and feelings.

Seek this silence now and then!

  [ edit ]

Letting Go

Let go
and your hands are free
to receive.


  [ edit ]

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The Near Past   [ edit ]

What is past but only just recently moving out of your life


You are carrying the knowledge
of the whole universe inside yourself.
You are whole.
Find the gate to spiritual wisdom.


  [ edit ]


Compassion has a different frequency
than pity.
Its energy is uplifting.


  [ edit ]

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The Coin   [ edit ]

The wish fufilled or denied.


Real communication happens through
opening the heart.
Sharing who you are means sharing
with the other.
That is true heart energy.

Share who you are!

  [ edit ]

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Aah Seh Nai © 2006 AGM AGMüller, Urania, Switzerland.  Illustrations reproduced by permission of the company.   Further reproduction prohibited
Spread 'The Wishing Well' by Moontoadie

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