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Using Daily Divination Tree Spread and Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms



The Past   [ edit ]

This card signifies the past situation, events, or persons who contributed to the situation at hand. Like the trunk of a tree this card provides the grounding and framework for the rest of the reading.


What is it you desire passionately? Make it as vivid and real in your imagination as is possible.  Write about it.  Find pictures that remind you of it. Meet people who have manifested it.  And then keep your eyes open to see it.

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The Current Situation   [ edit ]

This card represents the current situation or influences on the subject of your inquiry.


Delve deeply into the sacred through your choice of many spiritual practices or disciplines.  Whether through religion or yoga, meditation or prayer, by yourself or in a group, committing to a practice can give you new tools or skills.  You will expand, stay centered, and hear the soft sacred voices that call to you.

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Suggested Action   [ edit ]

This card represents the suggested action you should take. Remember this may refer to an attitude, action or seeking out a person.


Safe and secure on your perch you can watch as life goes by.  Do you want to watch life, or do you want to be in the play and have a starring role? Jump into your life; you already have the tools or you will acquire them along the way.  Leap and be all that you can be.

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Expected Outcome   [ edit ]

If you take the action as suggested in card 3, this is the outcome you can expect.


It is exciting to do something new.  So embrace new adventures.  Leap with focus and enthusiasm into your future.  Jewels of synchronicity and stepping stones will appear for you and your adventure will be rewarding.

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Illustrations reproduced by permission of the company ©2003 AGM AGMuller Urania, Switzerland. Further reproduction prohibited
Spread 'Daily Divination Tree Spread' by Dana Driscoll

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