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Using The Wheel and Tarot in the Land of Mystereum


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Present   [ edit ]

King of Cups

The King of Cups indicates a protective figure of abundance that is supportingly protective. Guidance is not provided here. Inspiration in simple conversation is indicated. Feel the joyousness of the group shining. This is a grand time to have a get-together and flow wonderfully with those close to you!

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Desire   [ edit ]

1. The Magician

The Magician indicates the house of your creativity. You are receiving those first sparks, the first inklings of your inspiration. Your insight is flashing in a pure vessel. Visualize your first exciting strokes across a blank page! You have both an intense focus and a vibrant enthusiasm available to you at this time. Now is a great time to begin something new!

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Avoidance   [ edit ]

0. The Fool

The Fool indicates you naturally expressing your place along the way of your journey. You have recently completed a powerful cycle, and are enthusiastically on your way in new endeavors. You may have freed yourself from enforced ignorance or blinding preconceptions. Feel you're the natural new directions you are creating!

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Past   [ edit ]

4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands indicates the joy of coming together for a purpose and the growth and fulfillment that results. A surprise or thrill out of the blue is also indicated. Plan celebrations. Enjoy the enhancing freedom you may feel from building something with someone. Plan to celebrate reaping abundance!

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Future   [ edit ]

IV. The Emperor

The Emperor indicates you have the power and vision to see the big picture. Established context or developed place is also indicated. Plan and explore your ideas with deliberate action. Going step by step, even in surprise, you can re-align the pace and direction of the whole system as you go along. You are the genius of your location. Mind your placement with attentive and patient presence. Feel the manifestations of your bigger dreams building on a strong foundation!

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Past Advantage   [ edit ]

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles indicates the ideas that excite you to use your valuable material assets and seeds well! Your enthusiasm matters a great deal. Look at your desk or office. When you are completing things, the tide is out, are there shells all over on the beach? When you are just starting things, the tide is in, are there simply sand and water and all is clear for clean starts? Have fun in this new time as your creative seeds sprout underground before you see them burst into the sun! This is a time to nurture and tend the fertile garden of your imagination and creativity with purpose!

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Future Opportunity   [ edit ]

XV. The Devil

The Devil indicates earthly desires rising in you. Mind that such feelings are nothing to fear, be ashamed of, or avoid so long as you are compassionate with yourself. Inhibitions can enslave as easily as excesses. It is indicated that your expectations can be blind spots OR magical and invisible connections between things. It is also indicated to be mindful of your intensities. Your tethers are loose at this time. Don't let your intensities take you by surprise as you use the greater mobility. Earthly desires can light you up and inspire you and make you feel great! Unrequited anything may be hurtful. Abolish your toxins of fear and you may very well feel the purity of your desires. Ambitions you have may be frightening and dangerous, but feel how they can be less frightening and dangerous than the subtle decay present if your hands are idle. This is a strong time to start learning how it feels to be honest and alive inside and out!

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Future Problem   [ edit ]

9 of Swords

The 9 of Swords indicates situations or events nearing completion or another plateau waiting. Feel experience AS the situation. Also indicated is that you have passed through the mental anguish of false summits. Though misery, suffering, and desolation may be present, the 9 of Swords loves that the path is clear, false summits and immediate horizons are trail-markers rather than destinations, and progress is being made!

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Past Mistake   [ edit ]

II. The High Priestess

The High Priestess indicates inner illumination, you giving form to the formless, developing your creative conceptions with hidden influences actively at work. You may feel an unrevealed future as you put things together intuitively. Look into the night sky. The moon may resonate more with you at this time. Feel through tricksters like knowing the moon does not have it's own light, but reflects in its own, powerful way. Now is a powerful time to forge ahead with your projects, things you are working on.

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All text and artwork by Jordan Hoggard © 2010 Jordan Hoggard.  All rights reserved.
Spread 'The Wheel' by Unknown

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