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Using Past, Present, Future and Bifrost Tarot


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Eight of Swords

Interference Jupiter in Gemini Two dominant swords have gone on a power trip over six swords of diverse kinds. They have interfered with the natural chaos in establishing order. Meaning: Waste of energy in attention to details at the expense of the big picture. Restriction. Bad news, sickness, crisis, censure, distress, hardship, misfortune.

Prince of Swords

2:00 - 4:00 Male Aquarius The Prince of Swords rides the sky in his cloudy chariot of air, pulled by three young men representing his thoughts and ideas. He symbolizes purity of the intellect, but also instability. As he pushes forward with his sword, he is frustrated. His thoughts are all over the place. In his left hand he holds a sickle, symbolizing his tendency to destroy his creations as quickly as he makes them, perhaps overly critical of his own ideas. Meaning: A pure intellectual, clever but unstable of purpose, a mind full of various contradictory ideas and opinions.


XII - The Hanged Man

Water The Hanged Man contemplates existence. He hangs from the crucifix and mirrors the scene above in the shape of an ankh. This is a card about learning the value of sacrifice. Meaning: Enforced sacrifice, self-sacrifice, suffering, redemption. Progress through using a different perspective. A waiting period.


Six of Wands

Victory Jupiter in Leo This card represents energy in its most balanced and powerful state. Six snake-rods are crossed with nine flames burning at the joints. This represents the male energy being reflected by the female in a state of perfect harmony and balance. Meaning: Triumph after strife. Success and gain, good news, expectations fulfilled. If ill-dignified: excessive pride and insolence.

Two of Wands

Dominion Mars in Aries What is the difference between passion and obsession/Possession. Whether it manifests as anguish, lust, rage, or bliss, This is the fire of passion that drives you. This card represents the vitality of pure will. Meaning: Fire in its strongest form. Influence, courage, boldness, fierceness. If ill-dignified: turbulence, wasting anxious energy.

Distant Future

V - The Hierophant

Taurus The Hierophant holds the keys to the otherworld. He is the embodiment of spiritual authority and wisdom, the knower of the spiritual universe. The swastika inside the star of David represents spiritual understanding of various perspectives being used to unlock the 7 seals. Meaning: Divine wisdom, inspiration, organization, teaching, gaining knowledge from superiors, tradition, patience. Sometimes occult force voluntarily invoked. Respected elder, mercy, alliance, marriage.

My future if I choose another path

Eight of Cups

Indolence Saturn in Pisces Eight cups stand on a bed of mud where the water receded. Dark clouds have rolled in to overcast the pale yellow sky. Half of the cups have been spilled. This is the morning after. Meaning: Success abandoned, apathy, misery, transience, instability, a small victory. Sometimes means abandonment of materialistic pursuits in favor of the spiritual.

Princess of Disks

A voluptuous young woman stands in an Autumn forest, plunging her scepter into the earth, symbolizing the union of masculine and feminine energy. Underground, her scepter evolves into a diamond. She wears the skull of a ram and a coat of wool. Her disk is the yin-yang inside of a rose with golden petals. Represented here is the eternally pregnant spirit of the earth. Meaning: A generous, kind, caring young woman. If ill-dignified: a wasteful young woman out of touch with reality, at war with her self.

bifrost Tarot ©2007 Jeremy LamPkin
Spread 'Past, Present, Future' by Unknown

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