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Tarot reading using Annikin Obsession
by 2009 Ann Murkett

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Sumi LongMoment Tarot
by GreyGoose Arts

This deck was concocted after the Fae Tarot. It does not have the same depth of the FT but the artwork is real as are the Chinese fairy stories alluded to. Most come from an old Golden Book I still have left over from childhood. No images are copied but drawn from my head; although some resemble the artwork from The Golden Book. Fae seem much more real and present in Chinese tradition. Of course most of that tradition is gone now, but some still lingers in Taiwan. The new China will have much to owe Taiwan I think. The images are again drawn in Sumi style on a computer. Many I had drawn on Superpaint years ago and some I redrew in photoshop. Some are from the Chinese Book of Sumi that trains new sumi artists. again none are copied, but drawn from memory.  Guess i have a really good memory!  Not that this memory stuff matters. Many artists continue traditions in this manner. But it helps to be clear about the matter. Again the poetry is mine and meant to integrate magick with the cards

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