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Tarot reading using Annikin Solution
by 2009 Ann Murkett

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Abyssal Tarot
by Shelly Corbett and Steve Ahlbom

The inspiration for the Abyssal Tarot comes from the evocative quality of Shelly Corbett's photography. The abyss of the water's gentle depths is symbolic of the psychic depths of sensation, emotion, intuition, contemplation, and the unconscious. A suggestion of mystical baptism permeates the deck leaving the reader feeling submersed in that calm psychic depth. Where we contemplate not only our deepest natures, but all the extreme states of human emotional existence. Photographs by their nature are often static, but these beings captured in the plunge of water, always express physical movement. And when they are gathered together and examined as a collection, they resonate with the same common human qualities that suffuse the tarot's ageless archetypes.

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