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Tarot reading using Annikin Here and Now
by 2009 Ann Murkett

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The Ray Tarot
by Raywat Punyaratabandhu

The science of Tarot is greatly attractive, I, Raywat Punyaratabandhu, am also fascinated in Tarot and as the drawer of this Tarot I named it “The Ray Tarot” because I’ve really desired to create my own Tarot that is represented by images of people in the present day. My initiation have been strongly inspired by Pamela Colman Smith who drew 78 Gypsy Cards for Rider Waite Tarot as my model. I have thus re-designed her tarot by using pictures of people in the 21st century, but still retaining the same meaning of each card with full respect and thanks to her original tarot.

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