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Tarot reading using My Lover
by Moontoadie

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The Wizard's Pets Tarot
by Pamela Steele

The Wizard's Pets Tarot is a whimsical, playful approach to the classic Rider/Waite/Smith Tarot.  What began as a collection of drawings in 1984 has evolved into a tarot for both absolute beginners and tarot masters.  The Wizard's Pets Tarot is a standard 78-card tarot that closely follows the Rider/Waite/Smith protocol.  However, the images will show the violence has been toned down, and the only characters without clothing are dragons.  I believe this will be a perfect deck for new readers who are a bit hesitant about traditional tarot.  I also believe it would be an excellent deck for those who work with our youth.

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