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Tarot reading using The Star Spread
by Unknown

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Chalice Tarot Deck
by Lynda Stevens

The Chalice Deck is a full colour 78 deck of tarot cards created  by Lynda Stevens. Each card was designed on stiff paper in different colours, then  hand drawn with black ink pen and Caran D'Ache colour pencils. Many of the cards were reworked and redesigned several times before the artist was completely satisfied with them. The project was begun in 1986 but after a limited edition of the major arcana was published by Adam Mc Clean in 2006, it was decided to redesign several of the cards yet again.The Chalice Pack is intended as a commentary, sometimes even a polemic, on tarot symbolism from a very individual viewpoint and perspective, though the colour and pattern symbolism of each card is intended to speak to their user directly. The symbolism of each card does not forget the medieval origins of the first known tarot cards, whilst much has also been drawn from contemporary life in the inception of each card design.

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