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Tarot reading using The Voice of your Intuition
by AGM AGMueller

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The Silenus Tarot
by Mike Indovina

In Greek Mythology, Silenus was a learned satyr who was skilled in the art of prophesy. Many, including the famous King Midas, would try to capture him and force him to impart his wisdom. He is also said to have been the tutor of Dionysus, god of wine, and even to have aided the gods themselves in their battle against the giants. Each card in this deck is decorated with a scene from Greek Myth. In designing the deck, I tried to find typical scenes that not only matched the meaning of each particular card, but would also allow for a similar composition to the well- known Rider-Waite deck. I wanted the cards to be easily recognizable to anyone familiar with the Tarot, but also to those who may be interested in learning about it (since most books on the subject employ the Rider-Waite designs).

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