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Cartomancy reading using Annikin Fate or Fortune Spread
by 2011 Ann Murkett

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Technoracle - 21st Century Lenormand
by Chris Butler

Madame Marie Lenormand is said to have been Napoleon's personal fortune teller. It's very unlikely she devised the cards that now bear her name but they represent a popular facet of French culture and are the only tradition of cartomancy to compete with the Tarot in poularity. The Technoracle takes the symbols of the traditional Lenormand deck and re-interprets them in a modern, rather eccentric manner.

Divination Method

This is being used as a Cartomancy spread. To change the divination type, please click on these buttons. is part of the Annikin network of sites. (c)1998-2009 all rights reserved.   Disclaimer ** members only