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Tarot reading using The Concern
by Moontoadie

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The Universal Culture Visionary Tarot
by Tamara Nikolic

As a guiding thread for my Visionary Tarot, I have used Arthur Edward Waite's deck. However I have brought to it my own personal touch.The Major Arcana has definitely put a proportion on my life towards the Universe. It has opened up its doors to me, through which i boldly entered. The Set of Brushes. This is who I am. Each card carries a piece of my artitic biography.The Set of Jars is presented through Eastern Art (Hindu, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian).I kept the Set of Swords. It was difficult to go through that sharpness of spiritual rebirth. But the reward of a healed wound and a pain gone was a reward in itself. The Set of Stars is entirely through the Egyptian symbology. We all carry deep roots from that culture and it resonated with me deeply while I did the drawings. So here they are- the Visionary Tarot cards- an experience made into a deck.

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