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Tarot reading using My Next Thirteen Weeks
by 2002 Ann Murkett

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Rainbow Bridge Tarot
by Lauren Raine

The Rainbow represents the emerging global culture of today -  many different peoples, like the spectrum  of the Rainbow,  joining  together. That unity in diversity includes a multi-cultural vocabulary for the sacred.  A 'Rainbow Bridge' shining between seeming differences, bridging the 'above world' with the 'below world'.   The Rainbow Bridge Tarot is really an  Oracle Deck, because, although originally inspired by the Tarot, it has developed images that are not included in the classic deck.  But in the reading I've developed for these cards, the 'Hero's Journey' is still important, as it is in the classic Tarot, which begins with The Fool (Innocence) representing the openness with with we incarnate into this world, and ending with The World (Completion) - the end of the journey, and beginning of a new cycle.

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